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The research to date (Woodward & Sinclair, 2001) shows that students viewed paper-based portfolios, developed during their Bachelor of Education degree at University of Western Sydney, as a positive and exciting learning experience. The results of this trial and the emanating research have indeed indicated that the students benefited in two main ways. The development of digital portfolios refined the students thinking and constantly challenged their beliefs and their learning. In implementing this innovation, steps were taken to ensure that valued learning processes were preserved and that students were supported in their investigation of the opportunities afforded by the use of digital media. Students saw the depth of the layering and the interactivity it afforded as positive outcomes. The improvements displayed in the work of the later cohort supported the suggestion that better communication of the student authors’ ideas was possible when more of the available interactivity was designed into the portfolios.

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But that apparently hasn’t put people off from lining up to buy one. In one example this choice was illustrated by the selection of authoring program. The unique opportunities that the digital portfolios offered the students lay in this freedom of choice and the flexibility of the authoring tools used. In the event she found that Word was cumbersome and inhibiting for this purpose but the risk taking represented by her choice illustrated the sort of learning opportunities this project made available to students. We need also to interview the lecturers who mentored students with either digital or paper-based portfolios to ascertain the differences in the support needed or given to the respective students. Those students who used PowerPoint found that it gave them the ability to layer their portfolios and that this gave an added dimension that was not available in paper-based portfolios. The timing of the elective in relation to the whole course was seen as crucial in that it allowed the students to work through a number of issues prior to their final year. Black leather shoes- Undoubtedly stylish and always a good fit for events or work. She believed that her philosophy stood firm and she was confident that her work on the portfolio allowed her to better understand such issues as social justice and equity and how these issues would affect her teaching and learning processes.

This learning was at both a personal and technological level. Two further issues arose during the interviews: the individual level of technology knowledge and skills needed including how these impinged on the final product and the level of engagement of the student author in the process. A variety of skills were needed to make full use of the technology available and to integrate this knowledge into a meaningful document. International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). Fashion TV become one of the most watched television channels in the world mostly BBC World News and CNN International. One of the inherent dangers with digital portfolios, for example, is that the technological novelty of the product could overshadow the purpose of the portfolio. How well do you think the final product represents you as a teacher? These results were contingent on the development of a supportive learning community and a well-formed framework on which to base both the product and the process. With a well-established process in place, the expansion of the current principles of learning through portfolio development to the digital medium was seen as a purposeful evolution of existing practice.